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Why You Should Add Whey Protein Powder to Your Diet

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Why You Should Add Whey Protein Powder to Your Diet 

Are you considering adding a whey protein powder to your diet?

If so, you might be wondering about the benefits of using whey protein powders.

Let's take a look.

Complete Protein Source

Although plant-based protein has grown in popularity, whey protein offers additional benefits that plant-based protein cannot. Compared to plant-based whey, whey proteins are “complete proteins” and therefore contain all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs to properly function. 

Boost Your Immune System

At Simply Tera’s, our organic whey protein powder is whey concentrate instead of whey isolate. This means that we do not remove any healthy fats so that our product can retain key amino acids and nutritional cofactors. As opposed to whey isolate, whey concentrate has been shown to contribute more immune-boosting effects. 

High-Quality Protein

Whey is the liquid that is separated from milk during cheese production. This liquid whey is a very high-quality protein that's loaded with amino acids. It's also extremely digestible and easily absorbed by the gut.

Whey Protein Powder Helps Build Muscle

Whey protein is very popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and people who are active or trying to build muscle. And consuming a high-quality protein such as organic whey powder can help you do just that. Studies have shown that combined with regular training, consuming protein enhances muscle growth. 

Reduce Age-Related Muscle Loss

Consuming organic whey protein powder is extremely effective for preventing age-related muscle loss, as well as keeping your body strong and younger-looking. Add strength training to your consumption of organic whey powder and you have yourself a powerhouse when it comes to preserving your health and muscle mass.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Some studies suggest the consumption of dairy products is associated with reduced blood pressure. This is because of the bioactive peptides in dairy called angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, also called ACE inhibitors, lowers blood pressure.

Helps Type 2 Diabetes

Organic whey protein powder helps moderate blood sugar by increasing your body's insulin levels even more so than egg whites or fish. Taking organic whey powder before a high carbohydrate meal could help moderate blood sugar in diabetics and other generally healthy people. 

Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can be harmful to your body leaving you susceptible to a variety of diseases. Consuming organic whey powder could significantly reduce the C-reactive protein (a key inflammatory marker in your body) which will help reduce inflammation.

Weight Loss

Whey protein powder is commonly used to help with weight loss. The increased consumption of whey contributes to a suppressed appetite, boosting your metabolism, and maintaining lean muscle mass all of which could help you lose weight.


The term hormone-free is used to refer to an animal that has received no synthetic hormones. At Simply Tera’s, both our organic and non-organic whey protein powders are free of synthetic hormones. 

Organic Whey Protein Powder

If you are considering adding organic whey protein powder to your diet, you should understand the difference between organic and non-organic protein powders. To be considered organic whey powder the product must have been produced according to the following guidelines:

  • All cows must have access to a pasture for the entire grazing season.
  • The cows' diet must be at least 30% grass.
  • All supplemental feed must be an organically grown non-GMO product.
  • The cows must receive humane treatment and be able to live as they would naturally which means not in confined spaces.
  • All use of growth hormones and antibiotics is prohibited.
  • The soil's fertility has to be preserved so it avoids environmental degradation by depleting natural resources such as the air, water, soil, ecosystem, habitat destruction, pollution, and any negative effects that would lead to wildlife extinction.

What Are the Benefits of Using Organic Whey Protein Powder?

There is plenty of evidence that organic whey protein powder has an extremely high nutritional value which will provide your body with a variety of health benefits. Additionally, organic whey powder generally contains higher levels of nutrients and antioxidants than non-organic whey powders do.

Shop Simply Tera’s For Whey Protein Powder

If you are looking for high-quality whey protein powder, consider using Simply Tera’s Organic Whey Protein Powder and Simply Pure Whey Protein Powder.  Simply Tera's organic and non-organic whey protein powder provide high-quality protein and nutrition. All protein powders are artisan-crafted and certified gluten-free and soy-free. Explore our full line of natural protein powders now. 

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