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How Amino Acids Affect the Quality of Protein Powder

Protein powder is a food supplement that can help you develop strong muscles and stay healthy if you're training for a sporting event or competition. Protein powder is a good meal alternative for people who need to eat on the go, and can help you stay full for a long time after it's consumed.

If you're choosing a protein powder for your diet, it's important to pay attention to the amino acids in the protein powder. Knowing what amino acids do, why they're important to the body, and which amino acids you should be consuming in your protein powder can help you choose the right protein powder for your dietary needs.

What Are Amino Acids?

Protein is made up of amino acids. Humans must consume some types of amino acids in order to stay healthy.

There are twenty different types of amino acids - and nine of them can't be manufactured by the body. These nine amino acids are known as the essential amino acids, because they must come from food.

  1. Valine - supports muscle metabolism and prevents the muscles from breaking down during exercise.
  2. Methionine - responsible for tissue repair and tissue growth. You need this amino acid to maintain beautiful skin, hair and nails.
  3. Isoleucine - assists energy production, stimulates immune function and assists with healing wounds.
  4. Leucine - stimulates muscle growth, contributes to the production of growth hormone and regulates blood sugar. This amino acid also helps heal wounds.
  5. Lysine - helps the body to lower cholesterol, supports the immune system and is required for tissue repair.
  6. Threonine - maintains the structure of tooth enamel, boosts the immune system and prevents fat from building up in the liver.
  7. Phenylalanine - converts into tyrosine, which is responsible for norepinephrine and dopamine.
  8. Tryptophan - acts as a neurotransmitter and regulates certain hormones. It's a precursor for serotonin, which is responsible for regulating sleep, mood, appetite and pain.
  9. Histidine - is required for early childhood development, and plays a role in the immune system, sexual function and gastric secretion.

Three Types of Amino Acids Are Most Desirable for Athletes

There are three types of amino acids that are determined to be most important for athletes:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

These amino acids are especially capable of regulating protein metabolism, insulin, neural function and blood glucose levels. Studies show these amino acids are also key components of muscle protein synthesis. They enter the bloodstream quickly and promote muscle repair and growth.

How is Protein Quality Measured?

There are many ways that protein quality can be measured, but one of the primary ways of measuring its effectiveness is by measuring the types of amino acids in the protein, and how important those amino acids are in the body.

High-quality proteins are good at stimulating muscle growth. If you're consuming protein powder because you're training for an athletic event or because you're a very active adult, the amino acids in your protein powder are very important.

What to Look For In Protein Blends

If you're getting your protein from powder, look for a product that includes the three most essential amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine). These three amino acids are also sometimes referred to as branch-chained amino acids. Whey and casein blends are especially effective for building muscle mass over a 10-week period.

Protein powders are healthy for adults even if they're not training for an athletic event. Consumption of protein powders can have an effect on amino acid balance in the body, which overall can help improve health.

There are other benefits of protein blends, as well. They are a good source of antioxidants, beneficial nutrients and bioactive peptides. While any adult who is consuming protein powder will still want to consume protein from other sources, protein powders can be a very healthy dietary supplement.

Want to Consume Healthy Protein Powders? Shop simply tera's

It's important to consume the right protein source. At simply tera's, we can help. We provide nutritious, organic and all-natural protein powders for adults who want to stay healthy, develop strong muscles and tone their body. Each of our high-quality whey protein powders are complete proteins, containing all nine essential amino acids, and are made with no more than four clean ingredients.  

It's never too late to improve your diet and consume more protein. To learn more about how amino acids affect protein powder and to purchase a protein powder that's right for your needs, contact us today. You can also browse our selection of protein powders through our online store.

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