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What Makes Tera's Different?

What Our Customers are Saying

Deanne H

Towson, MD

“I like the tera'swhey brand because it's all natural organic and tastes delicious when I mix it with frozen bananas and milk or unsweetened almond milk.”

Janet P

Pequannock, NJ

“tera'swhey has a great taste and texture. I also love the fact that it is organic. The cans of the powder are easy to store.”

Colleen C

Potomac, MD

“I love having [tera'swhey protein powder] in a green smoothie.”

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Organic Means Non-GMO

October is Non-GMO Month and we’re celebrating USDA Organic for certifying non-GMO food we can trust. The USDA sets standards for organic products and partners with third party certification organizations to ensure that brands that use the USDA Organic seal are in compliance with these standards. One major part of the organic standard

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