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simply sustainable

we’re doing our part to help save the planet with our new package made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled materials (PCR)!

your part? when you’ve finished your tera’s protein just toss the empty package into recycling! canister, cap, inner seal, scoop and label – it’s all 100% recyclable!

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simply humane

how do you make a cow smile?

set them free to graze outside on lush pasture and eat until their heart’s content!

all our whey proteins are sourced from family farms providing the highest quality care in raising healthy cows and goats on pasture, without the use of rBGH and other synthetic hormones and toxic pesticides.

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double down on nutrition with all your favorite smoothie mix-ins from our sister brand, Carrington Farms. from chia and flax seeds packed with omega-3s and fiber, to MCT and matcha powders for sustained energy, the combinations are simply endless!

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simply easy recipes

stir, shake, blend & bake! from creative smoothie shakes and bowls to protein-packed breakfasts, decadent desserts and nutritious dips, we’ll bet you can find a recipe for any occasion! share yours too with #simplyteras

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simply can’t talk about your go-to protein enough? love to share the love? apply to join our ambassador program - we’ll keep you stocked on simply tera’s and give you a custom discount code to share with your followers and clients!

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