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Q: What are the differences between the product lines?


Q: What does Organic mean?

A: Organic products by definition are hormone free and follow a regimented set of guidelines overseen by certifying agencies like MOSA (our certifying agency). Our Organic line starts with all organic ingredients and the final product is retested to double ensure a certified organic product. This line of products is also grass-fed and rBGH-free. 

Q: Is the Certified Organic whey protein from grass-fed cows?

A: Yes. Our certified USDA Organic whey protein is locally sourced from small family farms in the dairy heartland of America–Wisconsin. Our cows are pasture-raised for as long as the grazing season allows and eat only organic, non-GMO grass and forage. These cows are ethically-raised and never treated with growth hormones (rBGH and rBST) or antibiotics.

Q: Is the Certified Organic Whey Protein free of artificial hormones (rBGH/rBST)?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the Certified Organic Whey Protein Non-GMO?


Q: What does Simply Pure mean?

A: Our Simply Pure line is guaranteed to be free of the bovine growth hormone (or is rBGH-free)

Q: Is the Simply Pure/rBGH-free whey protein from grass-fed cows?

A: Yes.


Q: What is the difference between the Organic and the Simply Pure/rBGH-free products?

A: Both of these products are rBGH-free but not all of our hormone free products are organic. What this means is our rBGH-free line is guaranteed to be free of the bovine growth hormone. Our Organic line is also hormone free but in addition, follow a regimented set of guidelines overseen by a certifying agency MOSA.

The reason for the two products lines is our products labeled “Organic” are sourced from organic dairy farms. It is more expensive to be organic and that is why we created a non-organic (Simply Pure) line of products if consumers are looking for a less expensive option. The Simply Pure line is still a very clean label, grass fed and hormone free but does not follow the same MOSA organic certifications.


Q: Is the Goat whey protein organic?

A: No, it’s not organic due to the lack of accessibility of organic goat farms in our region.

Q: Are the goats hormone free (rBGH/rBST)?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the goats grass fed?

A: They are mainly pasture grazed, with grain supplemented during their milking season.

Q: What are the benefits of goat whey?

A: Goat whey contains protein from goat milk, which has a chemical structure similar to human milk. This structure makes it more tolerable for individuals who may have lactose or dairy sensitivities*, while offering similar nutritional benefits of cow whey protein. *if you have severe dairy sensitivities, please contact your physician before consumption


Q: What is MCT?

A: Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are a naturally occurring source of healthy fat found in vegetable oils and coconut oil.

Q: What’s the difference between MCT vs LCT?

A: MCT molecules are shorter in length than Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT), which are the most common form of fat in the American diet. Sources of LCT include animal products, plant oils and seafood.

Compared to LCT, MCT’s beneficial short lengths allow the body to absorb them easily and rapidly into the bloodstream. The body can use MCT for more immediate energy instead of storing them as fat, like LCT

Q: Is tera’s MCT Coconut Splash hexane-free?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the amino acid profiles for your products?

A: The amino acid profiles for all our products can be found here


Q: How do you process your whey?

A: The milk used to produce our whey is sourced from local family owned dairy farms here in Wisconsin. Per USDA requirements, the whey is pasteurized by the cheese makers and undergoes the cheese making process, which is how we get our liquid whey. All of tera’swhey® whey proteins are un- (or non-) denatured using Ultrafiltration. This concentrated protein is then sent to a spray dryer to dry, and becomes the whey powder that is used in our tera’swhey® products. Our process has been designed to provide the least amount of protein degradation.

Q: Is your whey cold pressed/non-denatured?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the whey protein raw or pasteurized?

A: Per the FDA, whey protein concentrate must be derived from milk that is pasteurized, however, it is pasteurized at the lowest temperature possible.


 Q: Is your whey protein a concentrate or an isolate?

A: The majority of our products are made with whey protein concentrate. We do, however, have a Simply Pure Whey Protein Isolate, in which we use whey protein isolate.

Q: Are all of your products MSG-free?

A: Yes.

Q: Do your products contain casein?

A: Our products do not contain casein.

Q: Do any of your products contain soy?

A: No.

Q: Are all of your products Kosher?

A: Yes, certified by the OK Kosher Certification Organization.

Q: Are all of your products gluten-free?

A: Yes, all of our tera’swhey-branded protein powders are gluten free certified and contain no grain products or derivatives. All of our products are tested for gluten by an independent third party, along with internal testing. Our products are processed in plant that may handle other products that contain gluten. To ensure the quality of our products, we test our finished products for the presence of gluten at an outside, accredited laboratory.

 Q: What is Stevia?

A: Stevia is extracted from the plant stevia rebaudiana, which grows naturally in Brazil and Paraguay. Some types of stevia can leave a bitter after taste. We specifically selected an Organic Stevia Leaf Extract for its delicacy and ability to complement our ingredients. Teaspoon for teaspoon, organic stevia is sweeter than granulated sugar. As a result, we can use small amounts of organic stevia leaf extract to naturally sweeten and produce low calorie and low glycemic products.

Q: Are all of your products sweetened with Stevia?

A: No, we have an unsweetened or plain product in every product line for those looking for proteins without stevia: Organic Unsweetened Plain Whey, Simply Pure Unsweetened Plain Whey, Unsweetened Plain Goat Whey and our Simply Pure Whey Protein Isolate.

Q: Does your whey contain lactose?

A: Any kind of whey protein, including tera’swhey®, will retain trace amounts of lactose. In our experience, some people having minor lactose sensitivities do not have the same sensitivities to our products.


Q: What is the scoop equivalence in tablespoons?

A: 1 of our scoops equals approximately 2.5 tablespoons. So, you would need just under 5 tablespoons for a serving (2 scoops). Otherwise, 2 scoops equals approximately 0.3 cups. So, you could also use 1/3 cups from any household metric.

Q: Can I bake with it? Mix it in coffee or other hot beverages?

A: Yes. You can bake with protein, mix it in hot chocolate or coffee, without worrying about losing any nutritional value of the protein itself.

Q: If I’m pregnant, can I consume your products?

A: We have not had any conflicts with pregnant women taking our products. However, we do recommend that you speak with your health care provider prior to taking any supplement during pregnancy.

Q: Can I use your protein powder as a meal replacement?

A: Because our protein powders are low-calorie, we would not suggest using them as a meal replacement. We recommend incorporating this product into your meal or using it as a healthy, filling snack. Check out our recipe page for some ideas!


Q: Are there heavy metals in your products?

A: No, we typically do not have any detectable amounts of heavy metals in our products. As a quality control safeguard, we test our products on a quarterly basis with a third party independent lab.

Q: How do you test your products?

A: We test our products on a quarterly basis with a third party independent lab, as well as testing our products in-house on a batch-per-batch basis.

Q: Does the company have standards for humane raising expectations of these farms?

A: The dairy cows and goats that we source our milk from here in Wisconsin are raised according to specific dairy production practices. These animals have access to open pastures, sufficient space, shelter, gentle handling, fresh water and a healthy diet without artificial hormones or antibiotics.


Q: Are your products available outside of the United States?

A: No, at this time, we only distribute and ship products throughout the United States.

Q: If you don’t ship internationally, how can I purchase your products?

A: You can purchase our products through some of our online retailers: Vitacost, the Vitamin Shoppe, Costco, amazon, Thrive Market, Natural Healthy Concepts, Advantage Nutrition, iHerb,, VitaDigest, Healthy PlanetKosher Vitamins, Vitamin Life,, My Natural MarketLucky Vitamin, Target