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What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Protein Powder?

benefits of cold pressed protein powder

Whether you're looking to get in shape or simply get in more protein for the overall benefit of your general health, protein powder is an easy go-to for the purpose. Yet, not every protein powder you find available is created equal. Not only can the source of the protein be a big deal, but so can just how the protein powder was created.

The process used in creating the protein powder can have a direct effect on the outcome of the powder's quality of protein. For example, the benefits of cold pressed protein powder can far outweigh those of protein powders that have been chemically processed. So, what is cold-pressing exactly, and why should it make such a big difference? Let's take a closer look.

First, what is cold-pressed whey protein?

When a whey protein is cold-pressed, it means that the protein has been put through a micro-filtration process to detract some of those larger particles and leave behind the best protein particles. Cold-pressing is considered the most superior way to process whey protein because the valuable nutrients, such as the amino acids and proteins, are well-protected and the protein content in the end product is greater.

How does the cold-pressed processing method work?

Cold-pressing involves using a cross-flow microfiltration system (CFM) to pull out things like fat, lactose, and unnecessary materials in order to further isolate the protein. Instead of relying on chemicals to separate the valuable proteins from the unnecessary agents, the process uses state-of-the-art ceramic filters.

Essentially, the CFM process looks a bit like the following:

  • Materials are passed over a specially made membrane that filters particles
  • Transmembrane pressure captures the valuable components of the whey
  • Larger particles are carried away from the valuable proteins and discarded

Once the whey protein has gone through this process, the concentrated protein is then put through a spray dryer that further dehydrates the protein. From that point, the material can be used in protein powders.

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Protein Powder

So, why would it matter if the protein powder you consumed was cold pressed? It is easy to assume that all whey protein powders would be basically the same in spite of how they are processed. In truth, a number of benefits come from this more modern form of processing.

Chemical-Free Outcome

Some processors and manufacturers rely on chemicals to isolate the proteins from the whey. While this process can be effective, it can also mean residual chemicals can be found in the end product. Cold-pressing offers a more natural end result without the presence of chemical contaminants leftover after processing.

More Protein Per Serving

One of the most profound and noteworthy benefits of cold-pressing is that more of the natural proteins found in the whey are protected. In other forms of whey protein processing, some of the natural proteins can be lost or degraded, but cold-pressing protects those proteins. Therefore, the end product can have more natural protein per serving.

Faster Absorption and Digestion

Cross-flow filtration used in cold processing removes the larger particles that can be harder for the body to break down. For example, fat and lactose particles are harder for the digestion system to process. With these elements mostly removed, the proteins can be easily broken down and absorbed during the digestion process. Keep in mind, all whey protein powder does still contain some level of lactose, but those particles can be far less concentrated when the protein has been cold processed.

Less Sodium

Sodium is commonly used in ion-exchange processing that some manufacturers use to isolate proteins in whey and create protein powder. Sodium can be valuable as a tool for processing whey, but the residual sodium in the finished product can mean more salt or MSG than you want to give your body. On the contrary, cold-pressing processes do not involve the use of added sodium for protein isolation.

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