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How to Choose the Right Protein Powder For You

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how to choose the right protein powder

Are you looking to gain muscle? Are you trying to boost your protein intake without dramatically changing your diet? The health and fitness industry has been providing life-changing supplement solutions for decades.

What is protein powder? 

Protein powders are essentially powdered protein concentrates that feature protein extracted from whole foods by way of heat, enzymes, or acid.

The average sedentary male requires 56g of protein per day. The average sedentary female requires 46g of protein per day.

Whether you are a bodybuilder looking for a protein supplement or you just joined your first gym, keep on reading to find out how to choose the right protein powder for your needs!

Protein Powder 101: Different Types of Protein Powder

Originally invented in the 1950s by one Irvin P. Johnson, protein powders have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Originally intended as a fast and convenient way to deliver high levels of protein to athletes, there are now countless protein products for sale for shoppers of all lifestyles and backgrounds. With thousands of options available at your fingertips, how can you choose which product is right for your needs?

By understanding your options, it is easier than ever to match the right protein powder for your fitness and health goals. We have listed options that are vegan, plant-based, and dairy-free as well as other options.

  1. Whey Protein - The most common form of protein powder is whey protein. Whey protein is derived from milk as the liquid that separates from curds during the act of making cheese. Whey contains high levels of protein as well as lactose.

Advantages: Numerous studies have shown that whey protein is digested quickly and rich in beneficial branched-chain amino acids. Whey protein is considered a “complete protein” and naturally contains all 9 essential amino acids that the body needs to function.

  1. Goat Whey Protein - Goat whey is newer to the market yet no less popular for it. Goat whey has been revered as a complete protein source with a perfect balance of Amino Acids to promote muscle growth and recovery. 

Advantages: Goat Whey by Simply Tera's provides concentrated whey protein sourced from goat's milk. Goat Whey offers smoother digestion as well as a more well-rounded protein composition. Goat milk is also better for individuals with lactose intolerance as it has also been shown to have lower lactose levels than cow milk. 

  1. Casein Protein - Casein protein is also a protein found in milk. Enjoyed for its slow absorption rate, casein protein is often taken by long-distance athletes as well as other endurance athletes.

Advantages: Casein protein provides a longer-lasting 'full' feeling while delivering a steady dose of amino acids. Not as ideal for muscle growth, casein is better for vegans as well as those afflicted by dairy allergies.

  1. Plant-based Protein - The last protein powder that we want to highlight can be derived from a variety of plant-based sources, including coconut, pea, hemp, quinoa, brown rice, and pumpkin.

Advantages: Vegan-friendly protein powders are ideal for individuals looking to avoid dairy. Great for vegans, it should be noted that plant-based protein powder supplements are not “complete” proteins, therefore not as effective for gaining muscle as other protein sources.

There are many other protein sources not listed in today's discussion. However, these are the most commonly sought after protein powders based on popularity and effectiveness.

Select the Right Protein Powder Today

Now that you have a rounded understanding of the types of protein powders and their benefits, how do you go about selecting your protein powder product? Let's make this process as easy as possible by asking ourselves a few questions.

Benefits of Protein Powder

While consuming protein from whole food sources is always going to be ideal, there are many reasonable scenarios where a protein powder may be preferred. Let's round out a few scientifically-backed reasons to consider incorporating a protein powder into your diet.

  • High-Quality Protein Source - When you pursue a whey protein powder, you get to enjoy a complete and high-quality protein that has all of the amino acids considered essential by your body.
  • Highly Digestible Alternatives - If you don't have a dairy problem, you should find comfort when using any protein powder. Consider using plant-based protein options such as Carrington Farms Organic Protein Powder Blend. Protein is viable for lactose intolerant shoppers.
  • Stimulate Muscle Growth and Recovery - There is a reason that protein powders have been popular in the bodybuilding world for over 70 years. Protein powders promote muscle growth and muscle recovery, allowing you to maximize the effects of your workout with regard to muscle growth. According to a study published by PubMed, whey protein is the most effective protein powder for muscle growth.
  • Tasty & Affordable Convenience - Most protein powders can be added to your favorite drink or meal to quickly provide you with the nutrition that you need. Consider exploring some protein powder recipes that you can cook with your new protein powder.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for Protein Powder

  • What Are My Fitness Goals?  To increase muscle mass in conjunction with exercise, consume roughly .73g of protein per pound of body weight.
  • Do I Want An Organic Product? Companies like Simply Tera's focus on providing quality protein products that are organic and sourced from local dairy farms.
  • Do I Want To Avoid Milk-based Products? If you are lactose intolerant, consider a plant-based protein product such as Carrington Farms Organic Protein Powder Blend.

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