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What is Goat Whey Protein Powder?


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Needing a protein boost but can't do typical dairy? Don't worry—you are definitely not alone in your woes. Roughly 65 percent of the entire adult population has a hard time digesting lactose, which pretty much means using cow whey protein powders can be out of the question. Luckily, even though goat whey protein powder contains lactose, the lactose seems to be easier to digest for people who have general sensitivities.

So, what is goat whey protein powder exactly? How does it differ from cow whey protein powder, and what are the benefits? Let's take a closer look at the specifics so you know why this form of protein deserves a spot in your daily diet.

What is Goat Whey Protein?

Goat whey protein is taken from goat milk. Goat whey is full of necessary nutrients and minerals the body needs, which is why the protein powder derived from goat whey has grown to be such a popular thing. The whey is not just high in protein, but a full list of other valuable nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

How Goat Whey Protein Powder Is Made

Just as it is with most whey protein products, goat whey protein is created by cold-filtering or cold-pressing goat milk to harvest just the natural whey. The whey is then essentially dehydrated to pull out the remaining moisture. High-quality goat whey protein powder is not denatured, however, as denaturing can destroy important nutritive properties of the whey. Proteins are especially sensitive to things like heat and acid, so even the dehydration process is a delicate one to protect the vital nutrients.

The Dietary Benefits of Goat Whey Protein Powder

Goat whey-based protein powder serves up a host of benefits. It is not uncommon for some people to prefer the taste of goat whey; it tends to have a milder flavor with not quite the same "dairy" notes that can come along with cow's whey products. Beyond the flavor, however, goat's whey protein really does have a lot to offer, including:

  • Goat whey has an impressively high biological value, which makes it easier to digest and more readily absorbed by the body
  • Goat whey has extremely high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), higher than any other unadulterated food source
  • Goat whey is considered a complete protein; it contains all necessary amino acids the body needs

One other thing to note, goat whey is a highly digestible form of protein. The same cannot be said for some other types of protein. You can find a number of claims about the advantages of goat whey protein powder. People turn to this supplement for everything from building lean muscle to supporting good digestion or weight loss efforts.

Goat Whey vs Cow Whey

When it comes to nutritional benefits, goat and cow whey protein powder are pretty much neck and neck. For example, Tera's plain cow and plain goat whey protein both offer 28 grams of protein and 110 calories per serving. However, Tera's goat whey protein has just a bit less fat, less than half as much cholesterol, and more than double the levels of potassium. Of course, cow whey protein does tend to have just a bit more calcium than goat whey protein.

As noted earlier, goat whey protein powder does have lactose. Therefore, if you have a severe lactose sensitivity, you may not want to work either goat or cow whey protein into your diet. However, the lactose found in goat's whey protein is a bit different in structure. Some research even suggests that drinking goat's milk along with lactose-free products may reduce symptoms that can be associated with lactose intolerance.

How to Get Goat Whey Protein Powder Into Your Nutrition Plan

After a formal introduction to goat whey protein powder, there's hardly a doubt that you'll be anxious to get this protein option into your nutrition plan. At Simply Tera's, we've got you covered with two high-end goat whey protein powder options: Goat Plain Whey Protein and Goat Vanilla Honey Whey Protein. Both of these options are in a powdered form, which dissolves easily into whatever it is you want to enhance with a protein boost.

Add the goat whey protein to a smoothie for a quick boost of BCAAs and protein. Or, simply mix with water for a milk substitute to drink or use in your favorite recipes. We even have a few awesome recipes that call for goat whey protein powder, such as Banana Oat Protein Pancakes and PB Vanilla Honey Protein Bites—YUM!

Final Thoughts on Goat Whey Protein Powder

Overall, protein powder made from goat whey does have a lot to offer. Whether you have sensitivities to cow whey or want a protein powder with a little more oomph, goat whey protein powder is a good option. Take a look at our goat whey protein at Simply Tera's, which is always sourced from pasture-raised, ethically treated goats.

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