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New Year, New you

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Healthy living in 2021 comes in all different shapes, sizes, techniques and styles. Whether your goals are centered around physical health or mental health, here are a few ways to help you stay organized, motivated and keep working towards the healthiest version of you.


Journal the experience – the good, bad, healthy and unhealthy.


Writing down your thoughts and experiences can benefit you in multiple ways. First, taking the time to write down how you’re feeling may give you insight into how you’ve handled things in the past. It can also help identify things you want to keep doing or things you want to change or improve in.


Second, writing down your thoughts and experiences can give you time to evaluate situations, and truly understand how you’re feeling at a certain point in time, or after a certain goal has been met.


While writing positive moments and thoughts is exciting and enjoyable, it’s equally important to record any negative feelings or experiences you have as well. Personal growth comes when you’re happy or sad, and healthy or unhealthy.


Exercise for all the right reasons.


Losing weight might be a realistic goal to help you get to healthy living in 2018, but there are many reasons to exercise besides achieving an ideal weight.


One mental health benefit of exercise is the release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced in the brain that release feelings of happiness and wellness.


Another mental health benefit of exercise is setting goals and accomplishing them.


Set a realistic goal. Depending where you’re starting, watching your physical health improve can also positively impact your mental health.


Learn and observe, constantly.


When we think about exercise in general, we don’t always think about challenging our minds like we do our muscles. Whether you’re reading a new book, listening to a podcast, practicing a new skill or creating new things, keep learning and observing the things around you.



Introduce (or reintroduce) balance.


Balancing the demands of professional careers and personal socialization can make it difficult to schedule time for our mental and physical needs. Instead of focusing on everything individually, take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you might find that you’re putting in too much time or energy in one area and trying to make up for it in different ways.

Whether your goals are centered around health, organization or balance, these tips can help you keep working towards the healthiest version of you.


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