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pure whey protein - bourbon vanilla
pure whey protein - bourbon vanilla
pure whey protein - bourbon vanilla
pure whey protein - bourbon vanilla

pure whey protein - bourbon vanilla

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available in 12oz and 24oz size
  • simply clean… our pure, gluten-free, soy-free whey protein comes from small family farms in the U.S.A., where happy grass-fed cows are pasture-raised, grazing freely outside in the fresh air and sunshine the way nature intended. no whey do we use GMO feed, rBGH or other synthetic hormones!
  • simply delicious… only 4 clean ingredients! our cold-pressed, uniquely smooth, and creamy whey is lightly blended with natural bourbon vanilla, named after the Bourbon Islands, where the vanilla bean is grown (no silly it doesn’t taste like bourbon 😊), for a delicately sweet and aromatic vanilla flavor. 
  • simply nutritious… unlike many plant-based proteins, simply tera's whey is a complete protein, containing all 18 amino acids, including the 9 essentials our bodies need for sustained energy, building muscles and repairing cells. with 21g of complete protein, 2g sugar and 2g net carbs per serving, plus calcium, iron and potassium, simply tera's is simply whey better! 
  • simply versatile… simply scoop into water or milk/milk-substitute and shake, for a deliciously creamy, clump-free protein drink before or after a workout or as an anytime snack! from smoothie shakes and bowls, to coffee, overnight oats, and pancakes, protein-boost your favorite recipes with a scoop of simply tera's.
  • simply sustainable… our package is made with recycled materials, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. when you've finished your simply tera's protein, just toss the empty package into your home recycling bin - canister, cap, scoop, inner seal, label (even the box it comes in) are all 100% recyclable!  

simply tera's pure whey protein