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At tera’s®, every ingredient is selected to ensure optimal nutrition and taste.
The result? A clean, healthy product that you can truly count on.


Whey Protein
Organic / rBGH & rBST free / Goat

Whey protein is a high quality protein naturally found in dairy, a byproduct of the cheese making process. It is a complete protein containing all of the essential amino acids your body needs and is easy to digest. Whey protein is one of the best sources of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) including leucine, which has been shown to stimulate muscle growth. Our whey protein is grass fed, pasture raised, non GMO and rBGH/rBST free.


Organic Dark Chocolate Cocoa
Fair Trade Certified

Dark Chocolate cocoa powder is made up of roasted and ground cocoa seed. it has a rich, dark chocolate flavor and beneficial antioxidants. Our cocoa is high quality, organic and fair trade Certified. Fair Trade Certified is a non-profit organization that protects cocoa farmers by enforcing strict economic & environmental standards, promoting safe & healthy working conditions and preventing child & slave labor.


Organic Bourbon Vanilla

The vanilla plant, found in tropical regions, is an orchid with long fruit pods known as vanilla beans. Our bourbon vanilla beans are organically grown in Madagascar. We use pure bourbon vanilla, never an extract, to provide a rich and full vanilla flavor.



Sunflower Lecithin*

Sunflower lecithin is a healthy fat found in sunflower seeds. It is a mixing agent, which enables the protein to dissolve in water. Without lecithin, whey protein becomes lumpy and floats to the top of the liquid surface— even with vigorous shaking. If whey isn’t dissolved well, it may not be broken down properly in digestion, which could lead to discomfort. We use sunflower lecithin, not soy lecithin, to deliver soy-free products.
*Organic compliant.

Organic Stevia Leaf Extract

Stevia is extracted from the plant stevia rebaudiana which grows naturally in Brazil and Paraguay. Some types of stevia can leave a bitter after taste. We specifically selected an Organic Stevia Leaf Extract for its delicacy and ability to complement our ingredients. Teaspoon for teaspoon, organic stevia is sweeter than granulated sugar. As a result, we can use small amounts of organic stevia leaf extract to naturally sweeten and produce low calorie and low glycemic products.

Organic Honey

Honey is a sweet, sticky substance made by bees and other insects with nectar collected from flowers. Our organic honey crystals are a blend of organic cane sugar, organic honey and organic cane molasses. We use organic honey to lightly sweeten and complement our organic bourbon vanilla.




Here at tera’s®, we stand behind simple ingredients and pure nutrition. All of our products are clean, artisan crafted, cold processed (non denatured) and non GMO.

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