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There is a beautiful sort of simplicity at the base of the tera’s® story...



Pure Nutrition, Simple Ingredients, Earth Friendly

“You Are What You Eat.”

When we think food, we think energy; energy that is nutritious and tastes delicious. We think balance; balance is crucial in maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. We think protein; protein is one of the body’s most basic needs next to vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, fibers and carbohydrates. Protein should energize, balance and supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle. At tera’s®, we don’t just think protein should do these things, we make protein to do these things. Our products provide from 18g-30g of protein per serving. Our protein isn’t made with artificial ingredients or unnatural flavors, we leave those out. In fact, most of our proteins have 5 ingredients or less. Our products are full of pure nutrition; that’s the tera’s® way.


“Simple is Better”

How we choose to fuel our bodies is largely influenced by ingredients and taste. Simple is better, but that doesn’t mean simple should be bland. Combining just the right amount of pure, simple ingredients can create a delicious taste. At tera’s®, we don’t just think protein should taste delicious, we make protein taste delicious. To start, we use Organic Dairy Whey Protein Concentrate, Dairy Whey Protein Concentrate or Dairy Whey Protein Isolate. Next, we use organic ingredients like Organic Bourbon Vanilla and Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Dark Chocolate Cocoa. Finally, we add small amounts of Sunflower Lecithin to help all the ingredients blend well together. Our products are full of pure nutrition; that’s the tera’s® way.



“What I Stand For is What I Stand On.”

Sustainability can be achieved through: recycling, solar panels, water waste elimination, plastic waste elimination and energy conservation. Whether it’s planting a garden in the backyard or adding a compost bin by the garbage can, every effort makes a difference. At tera’s®, we don’t just think about sustainability, we practice sustainability. We source our dairy from local dairy farms and artisan cheese makers to eliminate excessive carbon emission from vehicle transportation. We use an ultrafiltration process to minimally impact the whey, keeping it as close to its natural form as possible. The water used during the whey-making process is later recycled and used to clean our facility. And, our roof is painted white to help reflect the sun’s rays and keep our factory cooler in summer, reducing energy use. Our factory and sourcing processes are earth friendly; that’s the tera’s® way.


“A Healthy Outside Starts with a Healthy Inside.” 

Eating well, exercising, resting, having fun and embracing the moment are just a few components that make up a healthy and balanced lifestyle. What you put inside your body is equally important as how you work your body. Whether you’re hiking, biking, running, walking, lifting, playing or doing; resting, recovering and refueling are equally as important. At tera’s®, our protein is shaped to help you build muscle and get back to doing all the things you love. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or just having fun. Our products are designed to support you and your active lifestyle; that’s the tera’s® way.