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At tera’s®, we’re devoted to treating the planet well.

From our sourcing to our processing, we carefully think through every step, making the most sustainable choices.

Our Green Facility

Our facility is purposefully placed in the heart of America’s dairyland—Reedsburg, Wisconsin. We source our whey within about a 200 mile radius of our facility, meaning less driving, less carbon emissions and a lower carbon footprint.

Earth Friendly

Our facility features state-of-the-art and earth-friendly technology in order to recycle water, recycle energy and keep our facility cool.
Recycling Water
We recycle the water removed during our filtration process and use this water for cleaning and sanitizing the facility.
Recycling Energy
We use heat exchangers to recycle energy from within the facility to decrease our overall energy consumption.
White Roof
Our roof is painted with a solar reflective coating to reflect 90% of the solar rays on the facility. This helps the facility stay cool and lowers energy usage.


From Cow to Canister 

We challenge the norm with our vertically integrated supply chain that allows us to control and monitor our own sourcing. This means we know where our liquid whey is coming from, guaranteeing high quality standards are met by the local farmers we partner with and trust. This also means that we control the entire process from the moment the liquid whey enters our facility, until we deliver the final, blended product.

This helps us provide you with pure nutrition that meets high quality and cleanliness standards throughout the entire process. In the end, vertical integration also means less travel between facilities, which generates less emissions, lowering our carbon footprint.


We're Local

We support and partner with local farms and organizations to deliver quality products to retailers and consumers across the nation. Local means knowing where your food comes from.


Our Partner: Wisconsin Milk and Marketing Board (WMMB) 

The WMMB is an organization that supports Wisconsin Dairy Farmers by encouraging economic growth and development. tera’s is proud to partner with this organization.