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Thanksgiving recipe modifications that won’t ruin your holiday meal

Between the fall weather, family time and all the delicious recipes, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. But the kickoff to the holiday season which can be full of comfort foods can often throw a wrench into healthy eating habits. Consider these 5 small modifications to your favorite staples to make your

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  • Sweet Potato Protein Kale Soup

    Calling all sweet potato lovers—this soup is a must try! As soon as we laid eyes on this recipe, we knew we had to whip up this hearty, yet healthy sweet potato kale soup. The best part?

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  • November is National Diabetes Month

    It's National Diabetes Month, but raising awareness for the disease happens each and every month. Over 30 million people in the United States are diabetic, and the numbers are growing significantly. Learn more about diabetes and how

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  • Be smart during outdoor workouts: 5 tips to keep you safe

    As we begin to lose daylight at the onset of winter, it’s time to take extra precaution for those early morning or late night walks, runs and bike rides. Dark mornings and evenings make it important for

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