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Summer MUST: Go to the Farmers Market

The perfect summer weekend activity for families, shoppers and foodies alike is to check out a local farmers market! Many large cities and some smaller ones too, set aside a day each week to invite citizens to shop for produce, flowers, honey and cheese (one of our favorites!) from local farmers and vendors.

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  • Be Picky With Your Protein Powder

    By: Maria Viall CHN, CHHP, ROHP When perusing the supplement aisle at your local health food store, you will find a plethora of protein powder all claiming to the best one on the shelf. Soy, whey, casein,

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  • Childhood is Calling- Protein Dirt Cups

    Happy Friday! It’s National Gummy Worm Day. Time to relive the childhood glory days- plus, who doesn’t love dirt cups? Whether you’re looking for some sweet nostalgia or trying to sneak some protein into your family’s treat,

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  • The Scoop: tera'swhey® Protein Process 101

    Have you ever wondered what separates tera’swhey® protein products from other whey proteins on the market? It’s all about our simple ingredients and small batch process. At tera’swhey®, we take pride in producing a clean, healthy protein

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