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The Best Time To Eat Protein

By:  Maria Viall CHHP, CNP, ROHP It is well known that protein is a necessary macronutrient the body needs to maintain health. Proteins are the building blocks of the body due to its muscle building, repair and wound healing properties. Protein molecules help make up hair, tendons and even play a role in

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  • Fun, Fall Workouts to Run Faster

    All-American Distance Runner and recent Idaho college graduate, Kinsey Gomez, competes as a professional distance runner for Hansons Brooks Original Distance Project. Gomez says, “I know that I need to fuel my body with whole food, nutrient-dense

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  • tera's pumpkin spice cookies

    A cool breeze fills the air and pumpkin spice fills….well, pretty much everything. This fall we’re not wasting any time baking with our favorite, pumpkin spice! This sweet (protein packed) cookie will be one of your favorites

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  • Simple Guide: Organizing Your Kitchen

    Make your mornings of packing a to-go lunch for the day or throwing together a 10-minute breakfast hassle-free by organizing (or re-organizing) your kitchen. We both know you have a better way to spend your time than

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