What Our Customers Are Saying

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have such loyal and amazing customers (thank you!). Hear why they choose tera'swhey...

Deanne H

Towson, MD

“I like the tera'swhey brand because it's all natural organic and tastes delicious when I mix it with frozen bananas and milk or unsweetened almond milk.”

Charanne S

Ripon, CA

“I use the teras'whey organic vanilla for food flavor (pancakes, oatmeal, etc.)”

Daynee K

Palo Alto, CA

“I like tera'swhey because they have an unsweetened/plain choice and it mixes easily. I feel that tera'swhey really listens to their customers and is always thinking of products to make our lives healthier.”

Janet P

Pequannock, NJ

“tera'swhey has a great taste and texture. I also love the fact that it is organic. The cans of the powder are easy to store.”

Wendy L

Grand Rapids, MI

“I like that [tera'swhey] is organic, from grass fed cows.”

Jacqueline E

Herndon, VA

“I use tera'swhey because it is natural, so it is absorbed better in the body.”

Colleen C

Potomac, MD

“I love having [tera'swhey protein powder] in a green smoothie.”

Emily K

“While pregnant, tera'swhey is one of the extremely very few proteins I know I can trust.”

Sarah G

Londonderry, NH

“Love the product. The goat whey is great in protein waffles. Definitely can trust this brand.”

Sarah G

“It's a good, fast go-to for me in the morning, with greens, a little fruit, seeds, and some fat (usually coconut milk or cream).”

Diane P

“When I think of tera'swhey, I think of healthy and quality ingredients and don't worry that there are a lot of chemicals or heavy metals in their products and can feel good that I am drinking something healthy.”

Rosella C

“I greatly appreciate that tera'swhey is highly sustainable and concerned about women's health.”