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organic chia seeds

Organic Chia Seeds

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Carrington Farms 14oz Organic Chia Seeds are:

  • 100% Organic
  • A sought after, nourishing “superfood”, loaded with beneficial properties that support a healthy lifestyle
  • The richest plant source of Omega 3’s, containing more Omega 3’s than salmon
  • High in fiber, has more calcium by weight than milk, high in iron, potassium, folate, phosoporus, magnesium and manganese
  • One of nature’s highest plant based sources of a complete protein and are extremely high in antioxidants
  • Naturally gluten free
  • Perfect to make the popular Chia Seed Pudding
  • Can be added to salads, cereal, yogurt and smoothies

we love our planet and know you do too, so we're not letting anything go to waste.
as we transition to simply tera's you may still receive or see in stores the tera's whey packaging.
rest assured the protein powder inside is the same fresh and delicious quality!