goat whey protein plain unsweetened
goat whey protein vanilla honey
goat whey protein simply
goat whey protein nutrition
goat whey protein simply
goat whey protein vanilla honey nutrition

goat whey protein

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  • simply gentle… people with dairy sensitivities find goat whey easier to digest as it contains less lactose and a slightly different protein composition than cow whey. goat whey is also a gluten-free, soy free complete protein, providing the essential amino acids your body needs for sustained energy, muscle support and overall nutrition.
  • simply clean... our goat whey protein comes from family farms, where goats are happily pasture-raised without the use of rBGH, rBST and other synthetic hormones.
  • simply delicious… only 5 clean ingredients:
    • goat whey protein cold pressed to preserve all 18 amino acids (including the 9 essentials), while maximizing nutrient bioavailability.
    • organic vanilla and honey provide a deliciously warm, aromatic flavor.
    • dash of organic stevia for a subtle hint of sweetness (only 3g sugar per serving).
    • pinch of sunflower lecithin for quick dissolve and a uniquely smooth and creamy texture (no clumps in our drinks!)
  • simply nutritious… protein-boost your favorite shakes, smoothies, and baked goods! 2 scoops contain 19g protein only 3g sugar and 5g net carbs, the perfect addition to shakes, smoothies, baked goods, dips, sauces and more - it seems there’s nothing this protein powder can’t do! inspiring recipes
  • simply sustainable… tera’s packaging is made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials! the entire package - cannister, cap, scoop, inner seal, and label (even the box we ship it to you in) are all 100% PCR, making them 100% recyclable! help us save the planet by recycling our entire package, and we’ll use it to make a new one!