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Your NEW (hidden) Workout Routine: Summer Chores

The news everyone LOVES to hear: You’re getting fit without even trying (or knowing!). Your weekly, often dreaded, summer chores can actually double as a great sweat-sesh. There’s no need for an additional workout when you spend the day working outside! Here are a few summer chores that make you work (out) for them:

  1. Weeding the garden – Pulling weeds in the garden works your legs as you continuously squat up and down. Bonus: Depending on how deeply-rooted those stubborn weeds are your arms might feel the burn too!
  2. Mowing the Lawn – Squeeze a cardio workout in by mowing the lawn. You will be surprised with how many steps you take.
  3. Washing the windows – Climbing up and down a ladder works your legs & glutes, as well as raises your heart rate. Bonus: you will activate your arm muscles as you begin to wash the windows.
  4. Cleaning out the garage – Cleaning and organizing the garage will challenge your strength. Lifting and moving boxes, cabinets, etc. will help you build muscle all throughout your body. Plus, you will also take more steps than expected.
  5. Scrubbing the vehicles –When you wash your car, truck or bike, you will be squatting up and down to reach the bottom and top as well as using your arm muscles to really scrub hard.

Now ready, set, GO get that workout in and knock a few chores off that “to-do” list! Reminder: Don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

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