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Your guide to a gluten-free holiday

Preparing for the holidays can be stressful. From feeding your family extravagant meals, to the holiday cookie-exchange at school, the holidays can be an especially difficult time to deal with a gluten allergy.  How do you prepare a meal for a dinner party that pleases everyone’s pallet, while staying gluten-free?

Fear not, tera’swhey® readers!  We’ve put together a list of gluten free dishes to have in your arsenal so you can handle holiday entertaining with ease and avoid any chance of an uprising among your gluten-eating guests. Everyone wins with these healthy, flavorful and comforting dishes.

The Main Affair:  This one is fairly easy – turkey, ham and even roast beef – most main dishes are gluten-intolerance friendly.  If your family is all about the ham on the holidays, be sure to buy one that is gluten-free, some are loaded with additives that may contain trace amounts of gluten.  Be sure to stick with grass-fed, humanely treated, artificial hormone-free meat selections when shopping around – they are better for your body and the planet, and your guests will be thankful.

Pass the rolls: No holiday meal is complete without dinner rolls.  Whole Foods Market has a Gluten-Free Bakehouse in their stores, we even found a gluten free bread mix from Bob’s Red Mill – both great options for a gluten-free bread basket.

Veg-out: From gluten-free to vegan, to carnivores alike, everyone can enjoy vegetable side dishes during the holidays.  Butternut Squash is in-season during the cold winter months, we found this delectable Roasted Butternut Squash side dish courtesy of the Pioneer Woman  – absolutely divine.  Don’t forget the potatoes!  Try this Roasted Potato with Brussels Sprouts dish – simple, flavorful, healthy and of course, gluten free.

Save room for dessert: This one can be tricky – cakes, cookies, bars and more are likely to contain gluten.  How do you make a gluten-free dessert that won’t scare your guests?  Try this flourless chocolate cake courtesy of Whole Foods Market.  Absolutely decadent, chocolatey and mouthwatering (oh yeah, it’s gluten-free too!).   We also found this delicious Eggnog Protein Shake from A Fire Work in Progress – made with tera’swhey Organic Vanilla whey, a gluten-free treat sure to brighten your spirit, and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Who needs gluten with these delightful recipes?

Do you have any tips for a gluten-free holiday?  Share them below!

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