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Your go-to grocery list

There are so many theories to grocery shopping, it’s hard to keep track – stick to the perimeter, buy local, buy organic, buy seasonal, non-GMO only – but what really matters most? The tera’swhey® team has put together a list of healthy food staples – foods that you should add to your grocery list – for health and vibrancy.

In-season produce:  There is a trade-off when it comes to fresh produce, and in-season tends to win out time and time again.  Compared to fruits and veggies grown in a hothouse, in-season produce retains their full-flavors (and nutrients!).   Check out this awesome guide to seasonal produce, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Ancient Grains: The word is out – ancient grains are in!  Packed full of protein, minerals and fiber, these grains are everywhere these days.  Try adding some chia or flax in your next smoothie, swap out your next side dish with quinoa.  The possibilities are endless!  We love this Flax Powder from Navitas Naturals – organic, and full of healthy omega-3s.

Protein: Since proteins are the building blocks for cells in the body, incorporating it in your diet is essential for proper functioning.  Our favorite?  Of course, tera’swhey®!  Organic, free of artificial hormones, gluten free, non GMO – give your body some lovin’ and buy some Organic Plain Whey Protein on your next shopping trip.  (PS! We have a store locator too).

Fiber: How can you achieve healthy digestion, and feel full throughout the day? Incorporate more fiber into your diet – vegetables, cereals, whole grains and more!  Incorporating high fiber foods into your diet has even been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and will help you achieve a healthy weight, according to Mayo Clinic.  Try having a handful of fiber-rich almonds for an afternoon snack to keep hunger at bay.

Something sweet: “Everything is good in moderation. Even moderation.” – Iveta Cherneva. You don’t need to suppress cravings on the path to wellness; it’s healthy to indulge once in awhile!  The tera’swhey® team is all about Fair Trade Dark Chocolate – satisfy your sweet tooth while doing good for your body.  Dark chocolate is full of nutrients, including valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – check out this article to learn more health benefits of the sweet stuff.

Want more? Check out this Healthy Shopping List from WebMD for tips and tricks to make the most out of grocery shopping!


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