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Yoga Tips for the Non-Yogi

So you haven’t had much success with yoga before. Maybe, this is your first time trying yoga; either way, here are a few tips to help you get started and keep going.

Fuel Your Body.

Nothing says “Let’s pose and meditate,” quite like a growling stomach.

Our recommendation: tera’swhey® Sustained Energy protein drink. You can mix it with milk, water, juice or your favorite smoothie.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start.

The hardest part about most exercise is taking the first few steps, or in this case, poses. Don’t be afraid to jump on your yoga mat and get into it. The only person who knows you’re a beginner is you. Everything takes practice!

Be Patient.

Yoga, like everything, takes patience and discipline. There will be poses that are physically impossible- right now. Take your time learning each pose, and the proper breathing technique and it will give you the right foundation for more complicated, physically demanding poses later.

Start Slowly.

Try to practice a few poses every day, and gradually add more when you feel comfortable. You want to build your muscles and your meditation skills before you try to tackle a two-hour routine.

Enjoy Yourself.

If there is a specific pose you don’t enjoy, or a pose that strains your muscles: eliminate it from your routine. Ultimately, at the end of every session you should feel re-energized and confident. Have fun with your routine and don’t be afraid to mix it up!

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