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Why Whey?

At tera’swhey® we know all too well, the importance of whey protein and the health benefits it provides – we live and breathe it every day of our lives.  However, we regularly run into people who pose the question, “why whey?”, to us.  It seems that even in today’s health conscious world, people often hold firm to the belief that whey protein is designed for the likes of body builders, weight lifters and high endurance athletes.  The idea that it could be beneficial for the average athlete or even a health conscious mom, often eludes their way of thinking.
While there are many excellent sources of protein available for consumption, whey protein is typically seen as the gold standard.  Simply put, whey is protein in its most complete form, because it is not missing any essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein).  Add to this the fact that whey protein contains little to no lactose, and it becomes the perfect source of protein for individuals who are lactose intolerant as well.
According to the Journal of Nutrition, “Whey proteins exhibit beneficial properties for human health, including the acquired immune response.” What this means for you and me is that whey protein not only helps build strong muscles, it also aids in overall health.   Add to this the fact that, whey protein is high in the “super” amino acid cysteine, which has been used to fight some of the most troubling immune issues and you have a recipe for healthy living that can be easily incorporated into any busy lifestyle.
At tera’swhey® our goal is to provide our customers, with whey protein that is a step above the rest.  That is why we aim to create a product that is not only chocked full of health benefits and also pleases the palette.  The traditional flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are standard whey protein options available on the market today.  However, our team did not want to create a product that went along with the status quo, so we have worked long and hard to come up with the perfect combination of unique palette pleasing flavors such as Acai Berry, Bourbon Vanilla, Yumberry and Fair Trade Dark Chocolate – flavors that are not only good for you, but also delicious.
So when someone asks us “why whey?” we simply say, “why not whey.”   Why not tera’swhey®– with delectable flavors and multiple health benefits, this super protein is designed to meet the nutritional needs of not only the super athlete, but every day people, like you and me.
-be well, be vibrant

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