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Whey Protein Myths- We’re Not Just for Body Builders!

The use of whey protein in extreme fitness is not a new trend.  It has long since been associated with body builders and other endurance athletes, leaving the average athlete or even a health conscious mom to believe that it is not for them.  At tera’swhey® our goal is to debunk this myth and help consumers embrace the health benefits of whey protein.
While we would never suggest that whey protein is not beneficial for endurance athletes and body builders, the nutritional advantages of whey protein are valuable for everyone – moms, dads, kids, grandparents…everyone.  Some people utilize our whey protein powder for a quick meal replacement on-the go, while others use it as healthy additive to traditional foods choices, such as pancakes, smoothies and even cookies (check out our recipe page for some great ideas!- ).
We have heard from young moms who give tera’swhey® to their picky eaters as a way to ensure they are getting proper nutrition and have received letters from retirees who enjoy a whey protein shake after a round of golf or as a mid-afternoon snack.  The thing these stories we hear have in common is that the people who tell their stories are all different – young and young at heart, avid fitness gurus and just starting out.
One of the other things that we hear over and over again is, “I can’t believe how good it tastes.”  Truth be told, whey protein has come a long way.  Unlike the gritty vanilla and chocolate shakes of the past, tera’swhey® is silky smooth and offers a wide variety of unique and delicious organic flavor combinations, including blueberry, acai berry, dark chocolate and even the exotic wolfberry.
Nutritious, delicious and available for all – tera’swhey® is a convenient way to for everyone to enjoy the health benefits of whey protein powder – even body builders.
-be well, be vibrant

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