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What are the REAL Benefits of Gluten Free

Gluten free has been one of the biggest health buzz words over the past several years. It seems that not only are consumers becoming more conscious of their diets, but they are also incorporating more gluten free products into their daily regimen. However, if you have not been directly affected by a gluten allergy or intolerance, you may wonder, why this is such a big benefit.
In a nutshell, Gluten is a protein found in different types of grains, including wheat, rye and barley.  For individuals with intolerances to this protein, a diet containing gluten can be very detrimental to their health.  Gluten allergies and intolerances often result in a condition known as celiac disease.  The illness wreaks havoc on the digestive tract, specifically, the intestines.  If left undiagnosed or ignored, it can lead to serious health consequences.
With all the clamor for gluten-free, there are many food manufacturers today who go to painstaking measures to delete the gluten from their products, making them more widely acceptable to a variety of consumers.  At tera’swhey®, our entire line of protein powders are naturally gluten free.  This includes of our organic, rBGH free, and goat whey protein products.
With thousands of products on the market claiming to be healthy, yet requiring unnatural methods to achieve gluten free standards, tera’swhey® is proud to offer products that are naturally beneficial –no added preservatives, free of artificial growth hormones and gluten free!  We take health and wellness very seriously and offer consumer’s products that help them live life well and live it vibrantly.
-be well, be vibrant

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