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Wellness inspired Valentine’s gifts, from tera’swhey, to you!

“Roses are red, violets are blue, some wellness inspired Valentine’s gifts, from tera’swhey, to you!”

It’s Valentine’s Day – traditionally a holiday to show your sweetheart how much you truly care by indulging them with flowers, chocolates and decadent meals. While extravagant gifts for your loved one is always appreciated, Valentine’s Day should also serve as a reminder to love yourself. This year, treat yourself (and others) on Valentine’s Day with gifts that will make you and your loved ones feel well and vibrant!


The gift of gear

Flowers on Valentines Day are a classic gift, but they typically only last a couple of days. Why not treat yourself or your sweetie with the gift of gear! We found this pink workout tank from Lululemon – perfect for heart opening yoga poses any day of the year. We also found this Under Armour Heat Gear shirt in red – designed to keep your man cool and comfortable during any activity.

Drink it up

While imported champagnes and sparkling wines are the typical beverage of choice for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to keep yourself (and your sweetheart) hydrated! We found these love inspired water bottles from bkr – a unique bottle made of glass – free of chemicals and good for the environment.

Chocoholics rejoice! 

Chocolate is not only an indulgent treat; it’s healthy one too. Fair trade dark chocolate is full of powerful antioxidants that have been shown to support heart health and have immunity boosting power. Not all chocolate comes in heart shaped boxes, try some tera’swhey Fair Trade Dark Chocolate protein powder – a not so sinful sweet for yourself or your sweetheart.

For your heart

While most don’t instantly associate heart rate monitors with romance, the fitness fanatic might find this gift endearing (and useful!).  This Polar Heart Rate Monitor is a perfectly themed Valentine’s gift – a present for the heart and from the heart is a powerful statement. Want to get your heart pumping this Valentine’s Day?  Couples yoga, salsa dancing or maybe a partners tennis match – find activities to do together to make your workout even more rewarding.

Wash up

If you are hitting the gym, most definitely you are going to sweat.  Don’t just wash your skin, love your skin with this Neon Love Soap from Lush Cosmetics. A limited edition Valentine’s Day present with all natural ingredients, no synthetics, and no animal testing. A heartfelt gift, with a good conscious.  We also found this Complete Performance skin care set for the elite athlete – designed to help fight fatigue, invigorate the senses and speed recovery!

That’s our list of love-inspired wellness gifts.  What are you treating yourself with this year? Leave your comments below.  Be Well. Be Vibrant.

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