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We’ve Waited 4 Years for This

February 29th is…(wait for it)…Leap Day! This amazing day only comes around once every 4 years, so let’s do our best to celebrate it to the fullest. Get out there and do something fun, healthy and out of your ordinary.

29 ways to make 2/29/16 awesome:

  1. Walk your pet—the long way
  2. Get a pedi
  3. Drink a smoothie
  4. Kiss a loved one
  5. Sip a latte
  6. Catch up on a good book
  7. Call your momma
  8. Watch a movie (on a weeknight!)
  9. Cuddle
  10. Do a happy dance
  11. Skip down the sidewalk
  12. Smile at a stranger
  13. Wear your favorite color boldly
  14. Sing out loud
  15. Get your car washed
  16. Write in your journal
  17. Treat yourself to ice cream
  18. Go commando!
  19. Leave work early
  20. Swing…on a swing!
  21. Drop into a yoga class
  22. Look at old photos
  23. Have a glass of wine
  24. Tell a joke
  25. Doodle
  26. Visit a new restaurant
  27. Organize your junk drawer
  28. Read the newspaper (not online!)
  29. Laugh…a lot

In a nutshell, have fun with it and Happy Leap Day 2016!

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