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Valentine’s Gifts You’ll Actually WANT to Give

By now, you’ve realized what type of person you are:

Type A: LOVES everything about Valentine’s Day.

Type B: Likes getting presents and eating candy.

Type C: Wants absolutely nothing to do with the holiday.


Whether you’re type A or type C, gifting a family member, friend or loved on Valentine’s Day will bring you a little joy and give them a little smile!


Baked Goods

Nothing says, “I love you,” more than a heart-shaped brownie. Type A and B will love this cute, thoughtful gesture! Type C people might not appreciate the heart-shape, but they’ll eat the brownie and enjoy it anyway.

Handmade Cards

Creating a handmade card is a perfect way to control the message you want to send on Valentine’s Day. Giving someone a card is a simple way to tell them you like their company or to say you appreciate them as a person. Types A, B and C will appreciate a kind message, even if it looks romantic.

Fruit Baskets

A fruit basket is a nice, relatively inexpensive gift to give for Valentine’s Day. Type A will be disappointed with this gift, but will pretend not to be. Type B will be satisfied with this gift, as they like free things. Type C will adore this gift because it’s practical and beautiful at the same time – without any symbolism of romance.

Quality Time – New Dinner Recipe

Whether you’re giving a gift to someone type A-C, everyone loves quality time together. Set apart a night where you can spend time doing something you love together, like trying a new recipe or making one of your favorite meals for dinner.


Quality Time – Craft Night

Quality time comes in all shapes and sizes. If you’re type A-C who doesn’t enjoy cooking, try spending time together completing a craft that’s been on your Pinterest board for months. Paint a canvas, pot some plants or make a blanket – whatever you decide will be great!


What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts? Let us know @tera’swhey

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