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Three Ways to Focus on Gratitude this Holiday Season

Gratitude (n): the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.*

Thanksgiving season reminds us to be grateful.  Here are three ways to focus on gratitude in your life.

Be Thankful for the Little Things

It’s so easy to get wound up in day-to-day chaos and forget to give thanks for the little things in your life. Take a step back, and get back to the basics. The more you take a chance to recognize what those “little” things are, the sooner you’ll realize that they’re not such “little” things, after all.

Find Joy in Common Frustrations

Replace daily annoyances with gratitude. If your light-switch keeps getting stuck, remember to be grateful that you have electricity. Maybe the refrigerator light burned out; remember to be grateful for that fridge full of food. Or, if you’re stressed about too many people visiting your house for the holidays, remember that you’ll be surrounded by people who love you. This holiday season enjoy what matters most; leave the little frustrations behind.

Show that you’re Thankful

“Actions speak louder than words.” It’s true! There are ways to say “thank you” without uttering any words at all. Write your partner an appreciation note, take on a few extra chores around the house, or perhaps cook a special meal for your family.  Small acts of kindness and appreciation will let those around you know that you’re grateful for them. And isn’t gratitude about returning kindness back to others?


Gratitude at tera’swhey®

At tera’swhey®, we’re grateful for our cows; we’re grateful for our Wisconsin family farmers, who work tirelessly to ensure that their cows are treated ethically; we’re grateful for the local, artisan cheesemakers, who send us liquid whey; and, we’re grateful for beautiful, vibrant YOU. You inspire us to pour our heart and soul into providing the best protein to fuel your body.


What are you grateful for this holiday season? How are you returning kindness? Let us know by commenting below or on social media.



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