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The wellness trends for 2015 that you should know

A new year promises a new outlook and a “new” you, but how do you follow through? What lifestyle changes should you make? Check out these five wellness trends for the New Year that will help you make lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.


1. It’s about health, not wealth

No more working overtime just to be rewarded with a higher level of stress. Take more time for yourself and focus less on material goods. Seek purpose not profit and strive to be a giver.

2. Outside is the new gym

Skip the crowded gym and head for the great outdoors. You’ll never have to wait for a treadmill to open up and you’ll never get sick of looking at the same thing for an hour.

3. Clothing companies push to be sustainable

More and more apparel companies are becoming interested in the idea of sustainability. Check out H&M’s sustainable collection and Zady, which is informing consumers about everything from when clothing was made, where it was made, what material was used, and whether workers received fair wages to make it.


4. Instagram helps you get healthy

Bloggers and authors are taking to Instagram to share new and buzz worthy recipes with followers. With popping visuals and quick and easy links, it may be easier than flipping through a cookbook. Follow your favorite healthy food blogger to stay updated on some delicious meals.


5. Bodies are being embraced as they are

People are starting to accept what they’ve got and loving their bodies as they are. Treating our bodies with care and eating the right foods is a bigger concern than having a 6-pack.


Although 2014 was great, 2015 is going to be even better. Follow the tips above and you will be on track to a happier and healthier you.

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