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The Health Benefits of Goat Dairy

By: Maria Viall CHHP, CNP, ROHP

When you think of dairy, you most likely associate it to cow’s dairy considering it makes up a majority of the products we readily see at the grocery store. From yogurt, ice cream, milk and cheese all the way to dietary supplements and protein shakes, cow’s dairy dominates the marketplace.

On the other hand, dairy products made from goat’s milk make up a relatively small portion of the industry with chèvre (soft goat’s cheese) being the most widely consumed. However, it seems the trend of goat’s dairy is growing in popularity and for good reason.

In terms of health benefits, “going goat” holds a pretty strong case. Not only is goat’s milk a great source of protein but also it contains less sugar, also known as lactose, than cow’s milk. This typically makes it easier for people to digest, especially those with any sensitivity or intolerance to lactose.

In fact, goat’s dairy has fewer allergenic proteins and causes less inflammation in the body versus cow’s dairy, making it a great alternative.

Goat’s milk is low in cholesterol but high in fatty acids, which play an important role in your immune system, blood pressure regulation and brain development. It also touts a complete amino acid profile, necessary for both muscle building and recovery.

The nutrient we most readily associate with dairy is calcium, a vital component to building and maintaining strong bones and teeth.  When compared to its bovine counterpart, goat milk can contain 12% more calcium, making it an excellent choice for all ages.

When compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk takes home the prize for its nutrients. It not only has more vitamin B6, vitamin A and potassium but also is said to absorb nutrients and minerals better than cow’s milk.

However, with all of the impressive health benefits, goat’s milk doesn’t always win the hearts of everyone. The flavor is much different from cow’s milk but is quite delicious once you get accustomed to it.

Don’t let the difference in flavor deter you from trying out all the various ways to reap the benefits of goat’s dairy. Goat’s whey is an excellent option when “going goat”. The flavor is subtle and blends easily with any combination of flavors.

tera’swhey Goat Whey Protein in both plain and vanilla honey flavors contain all the added health benefits with over 20g of protein in each serving. It’s an easy to digest option for those with any lactose sensitivities and a great addition to a balanced diet.

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