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The Best Holiday Gift: Health & Wellness

The holiday season is full of cheer, acts of kindness, good eats and family fun. At the same time, the holiday season can also be full of running errands, sacrificing sleep, fighting the common cold and moments of stress. The purpose of the season is giving to others, but to not forget to give YOUR body and mind the gift of wellness. Stay well this season with these simple tips:

Hit the gym

Whether you enjoy vinyasa flow yoga or long distance running, working out is a beneficial way to relieve stress and free your mind from your to-do list. Even during the winter months, if you can’t get outside to break a sweat, sign up for a fitness class nearby or roll out a mat at home and lead your own workout.

Stick to your normal bedtime

We all have those days where 24 hours just doesn’t feel like enough time, but maintaining a consistent bedtime and getting eight hours of shut eye is crucial for your sanity and your health. Feeling well-rested will allow you to wake up refreshed and make the most of the day ahead of you.

Make a list

Staying organized will help you make sure you are tackling everything you need to complete before hosting that holiday dinner party or hopping on a plane to spend the holidays at your parents. Write your to-do list and check off each task as you go. This will be a great reminder of all the things you have accomplished—and motivate you to get the rest done!

Slow down

Take breaks as needed throughout days of cookie baking and gift shopping. Make sure to stop, fuel your body with a healthy meal, take a deep breath and remember that there is always tomorrow if you don’t finish everything today.

Be honest with yourself

Know your limits and remember that you are only one person. If you need to say, “no,” to attending that third holiday party this month, then do it. By limiting your commitments now, you can avoid stress later.


Happy holidays & happy wellness!

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