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tera’swhey® Takes on the Madison Marathon

One of the things we love about tera’swhey®, is how it brings out the best in people – Good health, good nutrition and really great events.  This past Memorial Day weekend was one such occasion!  The Madison Marathon is an annual event held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  It typically attracts around 8,300 runners from across the country and world. Check out this link for more info and exclusive photos :
At tera’swhey®, we were honored to be a part of this special weekend as a vendor at two day runner’s expo.  We were able to meet runners from every walk of life and they all had their own special reason for taking on the journey of this grueling race.  However, each person we met had one thing in common – a desire to make it to the finish line in good health.  We were excited to educate these hearty athletes regarding the immense benefits of tera’swhey® for muscle recovery as well as overall fitness.
We were a bit disappointed to learn that the marathon portion of this year’s marathon race had to be cancelled due to unseasonably warm temperatures (90 degrees and above!), however the organizers gave full marathon participants the opportunity to take part in the half marathon, which would finish much earlier in the day and keep runners safe from the harsh afternoon heat.   In spite of this last minute change, we saw the strength of the human spirit and the undeniable excitement such an event has to offer.
Like the Madison Marathon race organizers, the goal at tera’swhey® is to help everyone realize their full potential in both health and fitness.  For us, this means offering our customers the highest quality whey protein powder in uniquely delicious flavors and encouraging them to incorporate this into a healthy lifestyle.
In the end, we were thrilled that tera’swhey® could be involved in the Madison Marathon experience.  We congratulate all the athletes involved and look forward to helping them realize their full potential and reach their training goals in the future!
-be well, be vibrant

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