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tera’swhey® is a Big Hit at Expo East!

At tera’swhey® one of our favorite past times is meeting the people who are directly impacted by our products – both retailers and consumers alike.  We recently were able to do just that when we had the pleasure of meeting several hundred people at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland.  This event marked the first major outing with our new formulations and flavor combinations as well as our new packaging designs. We were thrilled to discover that people were just as excited about the tera’swhey® product line as we are.
We were really excited and honored to be featured on the NewHope 360 video blog “7 Standout Supplements from Expo East 2012”. The video blog offered rave reviews for our grass fed USDA Certified Organic Whey Protein powder, noting that it is a “super pure product” and among the trending protein powders for 2012. NewHope 360 is a digital marketplace that connects the healthy lifestyle industry from supply to shelf.


(Click here to view: NewHope360 “7 Standout Supplements” video blog)
Our goat whey formulas received a lot of positive attention during the expo.  Visitors at the tera’swhey® booth were intrigued by not only the plain goat whey protein powder, but also the pomegranate / cranberry variety. Additionally, there was a great deal of buzz surrounding our entire line of USDA Certified Organic whey protein powders.  Our Coffee Flavor, which we sampled in water only, was a huge hit with many people requesting extra sample refills.
Finally, our new packaging was very well received at Expo East.  We had several individuals drawn to our booth simply because of the simple and attractive clean lines in the new designs.  The overall consensus was that the new look was fresh and easy to recognize…exactly what we were going for!

tera’swhey booth at Expo East in Baltimore, MD

 Overall, the Natural Products Expo East was a perfect experience and a wonderful way to spend a beautiful fall week. We can’t wait for our next adventure!
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