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Tera’s® Sourcing Story

The tera’s® sourcing story begins on small Wisconsin dairy farms where farmers care and watch over their cows and goats.

Every morning on family farms, like the Myers farm in Cashton, Wisconsin, dairy farmers start their day hours before the sun comes up.

Steve and Jessica Myers bring the cows in from the pasture, milk them in their barn, then release them back into the fields where they can graze to their heart’s content.

Around 8 a.m. after the morning work has been done, the truck comes to take their fresh milk to the Westby co op. Once at Westby, the cheesemaking process begins.

At tera’s® we challenge the norm with our vertically integrated supply chain, allowing us to control and monitor our own sourcing. This means we know where our liquid whey is coming from, guaranteeing high quality standards are met by the local farmers we partner with and trust.

Our facility is purposefully placed in the heart of America’s dairyland – Reedsburg, Wisconsin. We source our whey within about a 200 mile radius of our facility, from locally owned, family operated dairy farms.

Working with local, family owned farmers and co-ops allows us to support Wisconsin’s dairy economy and develop relationships with farmers who share our values and ethical practices.

From the pasture to the feed, we partner with farmers who go above and beyond for their animals.

This allows us to ensure the cows have room to graze, are living their best natural life and aren’t exposed to harsh conditions and temperatures.

In addition, our farmers do not use rBGH or rBST hormones to increase the cow’s milk production per the USDA Organic Certification requirements, as well as our own ethical practices and standards.

At tera’s®, we source grass fed whey. This means that our farmers feed the cows grass, and when grass is unavailable, their diets are supplemented with hay.

We’re devoted to treating the planet well. From our sourcing to our processing, we carefully think through every step, making the most ethical and sustainable choices.

For more information about what makes the tera’s® Sourcing Story different, watch the video below or visit our website:


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