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Take a Hike {with Healthy Snacks}

When lacing up your hiking boots for your next trek, make sure you pack healthy, nutrient-dense food to fuel your body. No matter the distance of your hike, it’s important to be prepared and to carry snacks to stay energized. Enjoy these 5 hiking-friendly, on-the-go snacks that will easily pack into a small backpack and keep you moving:

Beef jerky

Jerky is perfect for rejuvenation throughout physical activity because of its high protein content. Make your own at home or look for brands that ditch the artificial additives or preservatives.

Dried fruit

Dried apricots, bananas and apples are the perfect sweet snack to provide your body with nutrients. Plus, they are super easy to pack or squeeze into a small space. Be sure to enjoy in moderation, though, as dried fruit is higher in sugar than fresh fruit.


A blend of healthy nuts, like almonds and walnuts, is great sources of healthy fat and fiber that will keep you full as you hike. Bonus: Your salt craving will be satisfied.

Protein bars

Make or buy a healthy protein/granola bar for an easy, time-sensitive snack. We highly recommend making homemade bars so you can control exactly what ingredients you want to be in your bars. Tip: try adding one of our whey protein powders that offers high protein and low to no sugar!


Get that desired “crunch” with healthy, 100% whole grain crackers. The fiber, vitamins and nutrients make crackers ideal for short or long hikes. Look for crackers with short ingredient lists for more natural options without additives!

Now you’re ready to hit the trail! Don’t forget to stay hydrated while snacking on your nutrient-rich goodies!

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