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Surviving the Holidays: Healthy Eating Tips

Holiday season is right around the corner and you know what that means—FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Alongside the much-needed family bonding time are the rich pumpkin pies, hot comfort food and a million other temptations making you consider putting your healthy eating habits on hold. With these five simple tricks, you can enjoy your favorite holiday recipes without the guilt of over-indulging and losing control over your healthy eating:

Drink a large glass of water

While you anxiously wait for the feast to finish cooking, drink a large glass of water. Often times, we tend to mistake dehydration or thirst as a hunger cue, which can lead to overeating. Just another reason to stay hydrated!

Fill up on the healthy foods first

Make sure to scoop the veggies, meat and healthier dishes and sides on your plate before reaching for the richer, less healthy options. This will help you fill up on nutrient-dense foods instead of getting full off of just mashed potatoes & crescent rolls alone.

Portion control is key

It’s the holiday season! So make sure you do eat all of your favorite recipes, including dessert! Our suggestion: serve yourself small portions of each dish to prevent overeating and having a little too much of everything.

Focus on what you’re eating

Avoid mindless munching on the pre-feast snacks & apps by consciously paying attention to what you are eating. This will help prevent you from becoming stuffed before the main meal is even served.

Slow down

Your digestive system, including your stomach, needs time to register that it has food to digest and is full. Try eating at a slower pace to allow your stomach to tell your mind “I’m full” before you’ve eaten more than what you needed to, to satisfy your hunger.

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