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Survival Guide: Hosting Outdoor Events this Summer

The season of outdoor events is upon us! From graduation parties and birthday barbeques to small bonfires and family gatherings, warm weather & sunshine creates the perfect environment to host an event outside. Although planning an outdoor event may feel overwhelming or risky, follow these five tips to ensure a smooth & fun outdoor get-together:

1. Make sure your guests are comfortable

If your guests are having a good time, you’ll be having a good time. Provide enough seating, whether it is chairs, benches or tables, so that guests will be able to sit when they please. If the scorching heat crashes your party, make sure you have fans, misters or an indoor space for guests to cool down if needed.

2. Provide adequate lighting

If your event takes place after the sunset, make sure you sufficiently light all outdoor areas that guests will gather in or walk through. Whether you use lanterns, candles or flashlights, you will help prevent accidents or falls.

3. Keep the area mosquito-free

Pesky insects and bug bites can ruin any upbeat party mood. Use fans and citronella candles to create a bug-free bubble and supply mosquito repellent for attendees who prefer it.

4. Expect (and plan for) the worst—RAIN

Summer t-storms often pop up unexpectedly. The best way to prepare for them is to simply expect them. Tents or an indoor alternative spaces offer guests a place to stay dry if it rains. If you can’t fathom hosting an event in rain (which is totally understandable), just include on invitations that the event depends on the weather.

5. Don’t stress & have fun

It’s YOUR party!—So make sure YOU have a good time. Even if everything doesn’t go as planned, just remember the reason you invited guests over, so enjoy the company!

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