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Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

The fresh start of a New Year fosters promises to jump start a healthier lifestyle, kick that bad habit and work towards achieving your number one goal. All New Year’s resolutions, big or small, can be made more attainable with a few easy tricks. Make 2017 the year you FINALLY achieve your New Year’s resolutions by trying the following:

Write it down

Studies show that writing down your goals helps you stick to them and also makes you more likely to achieve them. So grab a pad of paper and pencil and put those goals into words!

Be realistic

Be honest with yourself when it comes to setting your goals. If you work two jobs and have little free time, be wary of your limited time when deciding on your goals. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments if you realize one isn’t realistic.

Make your goals specific

Try to shape general goals like, “get fit,” or “eat healthy,” into more specific, measurable goals. By defining what getting fit means to you, such as losing 10 pounds or running a half marathon, you will be able to measure your progress and celebrate once you have achieved it.

Don’t give up

Reaching a goal isn’t always a positive, linear path. Setbacks can happen and that is OKAY. Don’t beat yourself up if you lose progress; just make sure you get back on track.

Talk about it

Share your goals with family and friends to keep yourself accountable. You might even find a partner to work towards your goal with.


Good luck to everyone in achieving their New Year’s resolutions!

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