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Staying active: 7 wonders of summer

Staying active: 7 wonders of summer

Get the most out of your summer! Every year it feels like the sun-kissed days are here and then gone—and before you know it you’re bundling up in layers upon layers and kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the long days of beautiful weather. Not this year folks. Make the best of the rest of your summer by exploring the tera’s team’s 7 wonders of summer:

  1. Explore local state parks

For the perfect combo of exercise and adventure lace up your hiking boots and hit a trail near you with family or friends. Use the “Find A Park” tool on the America’s State Parks or National Park Service websites to locate the park nearest you. Don’t forget to pack water, sunscreen and snacks (pro tip: our protein packets make for convenient, on-the-go energy-boosters)!

  1. Challenge yourself in an outdoor game

We challenge you to try a new outdoor game like tennis, pickleball, volleyball or Frisbee sometime this summer. Meet a friend at a park that has tennis or pickleball courts, an open field for Frisbee or volleyball court —and possibly unleash some untapped potential. Borrow equipment from a neighbor or friend to save money or check a local sporting goods store if you fall in love with the game.

  1. Cool off in the water

A great way to sneak in some exercise indoors or outdoors is to hit the lanes at a pool near you. Fitness clubs, community centers and schools often have pools with open swim hours for you to take advantage of. Try one of these simple lap swim workouts to ensure you’re getting the most out of your time in the water.

  1. Plan a picnic

What’s better than some good food and great company? How about taking it outside for a little sunshine too? Call a few friends or grab an enticing read and a blanket and find a spot under a shady tree. Keep it simple; pack a few healthy picnic favorites and call it a day.

  1. Attend local concerts

One of our favorite summer activities is to attend free, outdoor concerts around the city. Many larger cities have free or cheap concerts showcasing small, local artists or bands. Do a quick Google search or check to see if your city has a free events Facebook page.

  1. Volunteer in your community

Cultivate some positive karma and do some good by volunteering in your community. Find a local company you love or reach out to the city to see if there are any open volunteering opportunities. If you don’t have something specific in mind use Volunteer Match and they will match you with volunteering opportunities near you.

  1. See a drive-in movie

Somewhere probably not too far from you will offer drive-in or outdoor movies throughout the summer. It’s a fun spin on a relaxing night while being able to enjoy the warm weather and be outdoors. Pop some popcorn and pile in a car to make an event of it!

What’s on your summer bucket list?


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