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Spring Break – Family Style

Every family has a thing that they do on spring break. Whether it’s cleaning, traveling, planning a stay-cation or relaxing, there’s always something going on. Are you looking to mix it up this year? If you are, keep reading!

Here is a list of spring break activities – family style.

Pie eating contest.

Typically, we don’t have dessert before dinner, but once in-a-while we can break the rules, right? Spend the day with your family making pies together: apple, cherry, banana, chocolate, etc. When you’re done baking, have a contest to see who can eat the most (without their hands) in 5 minutes! Tip: Your stomach will thank you later for not making it 10.

Water balloon fight.

“It’s not summer.” “There’s mud on the ground.”

These are not good reasons to prevent you and your family from having a fabulous, muddy water balloon fight in the yard! Fill up the water balloons, pick teams and make sure you discuss the rules BEFORE you get outside. Tip: Keep some clean towels and garbage bags right by the door so when you go in you can dump the muddy shoes in the bag and dry off with the towels before mud gets all over the house.

Movie marathon.

Wrap yourself up in blankets, dim the lights and grab the snacks. Movie marathons are a great way to spend time together without having to keep a conversation constantly going or putting in much energy if you’re wiped out from a long day. Pick a series that has a few movies and watch them in order. Tip: Leave your phones outside of the movie room, whoever grabs their phone first to check it has to do all the clean-up!

Closet contest.

There might be more than one thing in your closet you’d hope no-one would ever see. Now is the chance for your family to find it! Draw names out of a hat and explore each other’s closets. The person to find the most embarrassing thing in the others’ closet wins. Tip: Give each person a few minutes to tidy their closet so dirty clothes/personal items aren’t rummaged through.


What are you doing for spring break? Let us know @tera’swhey !

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