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Sorting Through the Facts- Goat Whey vs. Cow Whey

At tera’swhey®, we offer customers three different whey protein options, each with their own unique health benefits.  Quite often we are asked the benefits of one versus the other – specifically, goat’s whey versus cow’s whey.
In answer to this question, the first thing we remind the customer is that all tera’swhey® protein powders are created from the highest quality most natural ingredients, utilizing whey protein sourced from local artisan cheese makers. We also tell them that we are the 1st complete line of USDA certified organic protein powders and one of only a handful of goat whey protein powder producers worldwide.
Both goat’s whey and cow’s whey have their own special properties, each beneficial in their own way.  For example, goat’s whey is often easier to digest for individuals with lactose intolerances or other milk related allergies.  We also point out that both goat and cow’s whey are excellent sources of protein, calcium and other nutritional needs.  And, tera’swhey® offer’s consumers a variety of delicious options in both goat’s and cow’s whey formulations.
Our traditional cow’s whey formulations come in both USDA certified organic and rBGH Free options and include delicious flavors such as Bourbon Vanilla, Fair Trade Dark Chocolate, Organic Coffee and rBGH Free Tart Cherry.  Our Goat’s whey options include Pomegranate  Cranberry and a versatile plain flavor, perfect for creating unique flavor combinations by adding your own fresh ingredients.
So how do we respond when the consumer asks, “Which one is best for me?”  If there are no lactose or milk allergies, we often recommend that they try them both and let their taste buds decide.  The bottom line is that tera’swhey® offers a variety of delicious and nutritious whey protein powder options, so there is sure to be something for everyone.
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