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Snack your way to a healthier you!

Smart snacking can make all the difference when on a weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey. Read on for some savvy snacking substitutions that will keep you full without packing on the pounds.


Eat this: fruit and nut bars

Not that: trail mix

Although trail mix may seem like a healthy choice since most mixes contain nuts and dried fruit, a lot of varieties have processed candies or chocolate in them that really up the sugar content. Not to mention the serving size is about one quarter-cup, which is pretty hard to stick to. Try a fruit and nut bar so that you’re getting your fruits and healthy nuts without the huge sugar spike.


Drink this: DIY smoothie

Not that: Bottled smoothies

Bottled smoothie drinks are super convenient if you are looking for a breakfast on-the-go but not so great if you are looking for the healthiest option. Most pre-packaged smoothies are over 300 calories and are full of sugars and artificial flavors. Instead, make a smoothie at home with fruits, veggies, and only fresh ingredients. Try our Mango-licios smoothie for a refreshing start to your day!

Eat this: fresh fruit

Not that: candy bars

A little bit of chocolate or candy every once in a while won’t kill you, but if you have it around the house or at your desk it’s inevitable that you will keep reaching for it. If you’re craving something sweet keep a bag of grapes or sliced mango in the fridge. This way you will satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about downing that entire bag of skittles.


Eat this: sandwich thins

Not that: chicken Caesar wraps

This one is a bigger snack than the others, but sometimes you need something extra to keep you full on the days when you don’t have a lot of time for snacks. Wraps are having a fad (or maybe they had one, I’m not sure) but most are full of calories and contain less healthy ingredients than one might think. The tortilla is about 200 calories alone and that’s before you add the chicken, cheese, and dressing! Opt for a homemade sandwich using thin sandwich bread that has only 100 calories and pack it with meats, thin cheese slices and a ton of veggies. Yum!


Eat this: carrots with a (light) dip

Not that: pretzels

Pretzels are truly a snack that won’t quit. The serving size is almost always ignored and then you think, hey, these would be great dipped in cream cheese or peanut butter! How could you? Don’t feel too bad though, pretzels are tricky and don’t really full you up, making you unable to stop snacking. Try some carrots dipped in a (light dip) so you still get a salty fix, but without all of the sodium and sugar spikes.


Hopefully this list will help you snack better and make healthier choices for the New Year. Don’t forget to add tera’swhey protein powder to your smoothies, snacks and meals to get your always needed protein fix.

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