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Smile! August is Admit You’re Happy Month

August is Admit You’re Happy Month—What better time to celebrate what makes you happy? From brief moments that make you smile, to occasions that sweep you off your feet, there are always times to celebrate happiness and be grateful. Here’s how we bring on the happy.


Focus on the Good

It’s easy to catch ourselves taking the good times for granted. Often, unless given a reason to frown, we forget to appreciate how good the good times can be. Think about your day, your week, your year—what positive things have happened? Perhaps write them down and smile. Acknowledging all of the good in your life can be enormous step towards genuine happiness.

Schedule Time for Happiness in Your Life

Make time to explore your passions. If you’re leaving time to do the things that you love, chances are, you’ll feel happier. Whether you love to ride your bike or read a new book, make sure to allow time for your favorite things.

Live in the Moment

We all know the phrase, “don’t worry be happy.” Make it your motto. Set your worries aside and enjoy the moment. You can’t truly be happy if you’re constantly focused on the next moment in your life. Instead, sit back, relax, and let now take priority. Your body and mind will thank you.

Keep Your Friends Close [and Your Enemies Far, Far Away]

Surround yourself with people who will raise you up, rather than tear you down. Self-esteem and happiness go hand in hand, so make sure you spend time with others that help you to keep loving you.

Celebrate You

Sincere happiness comes when you can truly love yourself. A positive mental attitude can go a long way. Nothing can make you more happy than believing in the vibrant, beautiful you. Care for and love your body. Be proud of who you are. Celebrate yourself, and the happiness will pour into your life.

 Happiness and total wellness go hand-in-hand. This August, make the choice to be happy. Keep a positive mental attitude and put your mental health first. You’ll feel better, live better, and be the happiest you possible.

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