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Simple Guide: Organizing Your Kitchen

Make your mornings of packing a to-go lunch for the day or throwing together a 10-minute breakfast hassle-free by organizing (or re-organizing) your kitchen. We both know you have a better way to spend your time than looking for that Tupperware lid! These small adjustments will help simplify your time in the kitchen:

(Re)arrange kitchenware by use

If you don’t already have your everyday dishes in easy-to-grab spots, move them now. You’ll save a little bit of time and effort when you don’t have to dig behind the blender for a bowl.

De-clutter the Tupperware cabinet

It’s easy for plastic containers, large and small, and their lids to be unpaired, which makes it difficult to find the right size container to use when you need one. Avoid this problem by stacking the same size containers together and filing their matching lids directly next to them.

Store cookbooks on open shelves

Organize your cookbooks and recipes on a shelf (away from the fridge and stove) to open up cabinet space for food and kitchenware. Who knows, the visual reminder might just inspire you to whip up a new recipe!

Group similar items

Look through all of your cabinets and drawers and make sure you have similar kitchen supplies grouped together. For example, store all baking ingredients and dishware in one or two cabinets so you can easily access everything you need when you’re ready to bake.

Display healthy snacks

To promote healthy eating, place healthy food options in the front of your fridge and pantry to make them easier to access and grab if you need a quick snack. This will help sweets and treats be “out of sight out of mind” except for when you need a little dessert!

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