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Seven Pro(tein) Tips to Winter Wellness

The arrival of December brings about all sorts of hustling and bustling. Jumping from holiday parties and dinners to school concerts and plays can be exhausting. Whether you’re feeling the pressure from your over-scheduled calendar, or you’re not a fan of the cold temperatures, here are seven tips to practicing winter wellness.


Bundle up and go for a walk, especially if the sun is out.

Getting fresh air can do a lot for your mind and body. In the cooler months when the sun isn’t out as long, it’s important to get outside and grab some fresh air and sunshine (Vitamin D)  when you can.

Vitamin D helps the body regulate phosphorus and calcium and keeps the immune system functioning.


Eat small meals.


Eating smaller servings more frequently throughout the day is a great way to prevent yourself from overeating at meals. Not every meal needs to be large or prepared in advance. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Add protein to your recipes.

Sometimes, a great approach is to navigating the season is to focus on healthy alternatives.

One way to make your holiday dishes more nutritious is to add whey protein to recipes that might not otherwise have it.

Adding whey protein to your meals can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether you’re looking to stay fuller for longer or build up muscles after a hard workout or non-stop day, whey protein can help you keep going this holiday season.

Need inspiration? Try one of these recipes: chocolate chip coffee muffins, nutterberry smoothie, chocolate peanut butter protein bites.


Drink more water.

The temperature outside may be cooler. But that doesn’t mean your body needs any less water. In fact, your body needs the same amount of water as it does during the warmer months. If you find it difficult to consume the recommended amount of water your body needs on a daily basis, try buying a new water bottle or adding fresh fruit to your water to encourage you to drink more throughout the day.


Exercise inside.

When it’s cold outside, it’s easier to push off your exercise plans to warmer months.

Instead of waiting for the weather to turn, try working out indoors. It can be as simple as practicing yoga or doing a core workout.


Take breaks when you need them.

Whether you’re exerting yourself mentally or physically, it’s good to know when to take a break. Taking a break mentally can help you be more productive when you return to your work. Resting your body physically can also have positive benefits. Be sure to take some time to refuel your body and mind this winter.


Practice Thankfulness. 

Be thankful for the big things, the little things and everything in-between. Here are three ways to practice gratitude this season.

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