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Rethinking the Resolution

It’s that time of year again. The time when we make promises to ourselves to live healthy lives, lose weight, eat right, or spend more time with our family.  It is encouraging to note that nearly two thirds of people who make resolutions stick with them for at least two months, however, only forty percent of people who make resolutions are able to do so on their first attempt.
Resolutions can be hard to keep simply because often they are a drastic change from our regularly formed habits.  And while these changes can be good for us, sometimes the “cold turkey” approach can leave us longing for our past “bad habits.” So at tera’swhey® we would like to ask you to rethink the resolution.  Instead of a huge life change, consider implementing small changes throughout the year.  Makeover your bad habits little by little.
Starting in January, come up with one positive thing you can do for your health and well-being.  Perhaps there is a yoga class that has piqued your interest, or maybe you want to take a 15 minute walk on your lunch hour, every other day.  In  February, you could choose to replace one unhealthy food in your diet with a healthy choice – Maybe instead of eating chocolate cake, have a rich and creamy Fair Trade Dark Chocolate tera’swhey®  whey protein shake mixed with unsweetened almond milk!
Whatever you choose, the team at tera’swhey® is here to help! Through the month of January, we’re offering 15% off product orders on our website! ( We encourage you to take advantage of this deal and use tera’swhey®  to help makeover your bad habits.
Plan one positive change every month and before you know it, you will have an entire year of new habits!  Do us a favor…let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page what habits you are starting each month, and keep us up to date on your progress.  We would love to come along on your life changing journey!  So for 2013, your challenge, and our hope for you is to – be well. be vibrant!

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