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Power up your mornings!

We’ve all heard it before; breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   Research shows that it can help kick-start weight loss, improve your mood, reduce sugar cravings, and help you maintain focus and clarity throughout the day (amongst other benefits!).  However, chowing down on a donut and coffee in the morning is not the best way to go about a breakfast routine.  The tera’swhey® team is here to help you out!  We’ve put together a list of healthy breakfast tips and recipes, sure to get your morning started off right!

 Breakfast for weight-loss

Studies show that people who eat a balanced breakfast tend to maintain a healthier weight compared to those who skip.  One theory suggests that eating a morning meal reduces hunger throughout the day because you are less likely to overeat sugary, fatty snacks and meals.  However, choosing the right breakfast is the most important piece.

A healthy start

Eating lean protein, fruits (maybe even veggies!), and complex carbs is the perfect recipe for a healthy start.  Protein is essential to satiating hunger and helps to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels throughout the day.   High fiber foods are also essential – they are slowly digested, meaning no mid-morning slump.  Low fat, low glycemic index foods will promote a slow release of energy – so try to stay away from sugar-laden cereals, bagels and bacon.

 Recipe inspiration

We’ve scoured the Web to find the healthiest recipes you can easily incorporate into your morning routine.  Check out this Hearty Morning Oatmeal, filled with fiber and protein with the goodness of fruit.  Try making these delicious Lemon Chia Seed Muffins – sure to fill you up, to keep you well.  Need more ideas?  We found this blog post courtesy of Lauren Conrad with great recipes for energy-packed mornings.

Need it quick?

While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, our mornings tend to be the busiest part as well.  From squeezing in workouts, to getting the kids ready for school, sometimes it’s difficult to make a perfectly well balanced meal.  Turn to tera’swhey® to help you with your hectic morning!  Our organic, rBGH-free and goat whey proteins are the perfect breakfast on the go.  Just mix with almond milk, add some fruit and veggies, throw in a blender and you are good to go!  Check out our recipe page for some great ideas.  With at least 20g of protein per serving, tera’swhey® is sure to help you be well, be vibrant. 

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