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Party at Our House!

We decided it would be fun to host an “Appreciation Event” at our facility in Reedsburg to commemorate our new blending operation. Its an exciting time for the brand and what better than to celebrate with our friends who have played an integral part of the success of tera’swhey® over the past three years.
The event started out on Thursday, May 24th with warm, windy and potentially stormy conditions.  We were thankful that the weather held, and we didn’t encounter rain until the last guests had left for the evening.  Friday, May 25th was a brand new day and we were greeted by sunny skies, mild temperatures and calm winds.  They were both wonderful days to celebrate with our suppliers, vendors and investors and reflect on our combined efforts.
Guests were able to take tours of our Reedsburg, Wisconsin manufacturing facilities (Wisconsin Specialty Protein), which many noted as a highlight of the event.  Seeing the new blending operations and getting a peak behind the scenes was a great way to demonstrate our passion and tell our unique story.
The event also featured samples of several of the new and improved tera’swhey® products. We were also thrilled to feature hors d’oeuvres made from local artisans including cheese from our suppliers.  We also held a raffle where guests were encouraged to enter and win various prizes from local businesses including Whole Foods, Rutabaga, Willy Street Co-op, and Williamson Bicycle shop.
The tera’swhey® customer appreciation celebration was a wonderful time for us to reflect on the journey we have taken to get to this point and look ahead as we chart new and exciting paths.  It was the culmination of the efforts of many dedicated individuals and our way of saying ,“thank you for coming along on this journey” and “hold on for the exciting ride ahead!”
-be well, be vibrant

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