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Out and About with tera’swhey®

As part of our quest to share tera’swhey® with the world, we regularly take part in expos and trade shows throughout the United States.  During these events, we get to meet our consumers face to face and hear all the exciting ways our product has helped them start or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We also get the distinct pleasure of introducing tera’swhey® to individuals who have not had the opportunity to taste the difference pure ingredients can make in a whey protein powder.
As we started thinking about all of the places we have been over the past year, we decided that it would be fun to take our blog readers along on our journeys and give them a behind the scenes peak as they go “out and about” with tera’swhey®.  So, consider this the first installment of Out and About with tera’swhey® as we recap last month’s travels and look forward to our future endeavors.
Wine & Dine Wisconsin (Milwaukee – November 10 & 11)
This event really got our taste buds working overtime.  Located in the beautiful Delta Airlines Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we were surrounded by all the goodness of the Dairy State.  From gourmet specialty cheese producers, to delicious and robust micro-brewed beers and specialty wines (so we were told), the Wine & Dine Wisconsin was a treasure trove of delectable and unique specialty food options.  At our booth, we were greeted by many of our loyal fans, but also were able to educate many discerning palettes about the delicious difference of our specialty whey protein powders.  The Wine & Dine Wisconsin can be recapped in just one word – Delicious!
Wine and Dine Wisconsin 2012
Brava Women’s Expo (Madison – November 16-17)
The Brava Women’s Expo in Madison is an annual event that features over 100 exhibits ranging from fashion and beauty to health and fitness.  This year’s event was a great experience for the tera’swhey® team.  We met so many exciting and inspirational individuals and were touched to learn about their journey with regard to leading a healthy life.  People at the event were warm, open and were also very excited to learn more about tera’swhey® and how it could be incorporated into their lives.  Our new flavors were again, very well received, with people taking a keen interest in our coffee flavor!  All in all it was a wonderful event right in our backyard, in Madison, Wisconsin!
So where will tera’swhey® be next?  We are taking the month of December off as consumers are in the holiday spirit, but will be out and about again in January!  Come see us at:
Hope to see you there!
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