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Organic or rBGH Free Whey Protein…Why is it important?

Organic products are nothing new…before pesticides and other chemicals, this was the way all produce was grown.  Today, this is not always, the case.  Farming has become less about the family farms, health and wholesome food choices and more about big business.  This means chemicals are used to enhance the size of the produce, the yield of the crop and the condition of the soil.  But, this does not always equal an end product full of the health benefits of traditional growing techniques.
At tera’swhey®, we are proud to be one of the only couple of providers of organic whey protein in the world.  In fact, to date, we offer the only complete line of USDA certified organic whey protein manufactured in the United States.  Our organic formulations utilize ethically treated cow milk sources, paired with premium organic ingredients to create a healthy and delicious whey protein concentrate. And, because, we believe in the benefits of offering products that are not filled with chemicals and additives, we also offer rBGH-free (artificial growth hormone-free) products which are processed using cow milk which is free from this artificial hormone.
At tera’swhey®, we take a healthy lifestyle seriously.  This means we work hard to produce products that not only taste delicious; but provide pure nutrition in a wholesome way.  We believe that in order to be the best we can be, we need to fuel our bodies with food sources made in the best and most wholesome methods possible.  In the end, artificial hormone free and organic products are not just some gimmick or trend for us.  They allow us to produce products in the purest way – the way things used to be produced – and provide our customers the healthiest choices that will allow them to be well and be vibrant.
-be well, be vibrant

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