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Organic Means Non-GMO and More.

The USDA Organic Certified Label means the product or ingredient is made in the most natural, environmentally responsible way. When you choose organic, you’re choosing Non-GMO and more.

In order to be USDA Organic Certified, the products or ingredients must meet the following requirements:

No GMO Ingredients.

    • From the bourbon vanilla beans to the fair trade certified cocoa in our organic whey protein, none of our ingredients contain genetically modified organisms.


No antibiotics or hormones are given to the animals.

    • The cows from which we source our whey are not injected with any artificial growth hormones.


Animals eat 100% organic feed and pasture.

    • The farmers supply their cows with organic feed and grass and do not combine the food sources with GMOs.


No toxic pesticides.

    • Our local dairy farmers, artisan cheesemakers and manufacturing facility assure that no artificially modified chemicals are used.


No synthetic fertilizers.

    • The farms we source from use ethical and responsible practices.


Protects wildlife.

    • We carefully think through every step and make the most sustainable choices, whether we’re focusing on our sourcing story or our processing methods.


No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

    • We produce great-tasting products, but also provide pure nutrition in a wholesome way, without the use of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  


Regulated by federal law.

    • The USDA Organic Label is a certified government agency designed to protect and inform consumers.  We work hard to comply with the USDA Organic Label to provide the cleanest, purest whey protein possible.


Enhances soil fertility.

    • We’re devoted to treating the planet well.


Here at tera’swhey®, we avoid the use of GMOs in every step of our process. Starting at the farm and ending in your local grocery store.   


Overall, we challenge the norm with our vertically integrated supply chain. This allows us to control and monitor our own sourcing. Because we know where our liquid whey is coming from, we guarantee high quality standards are met by the local farmers we partner with and trust.


This includes avoiding GMOs, artificial growth hormones and artificial flavors to provide you with a pure and simply organic whey protein to support your healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle.


Interested in learning more? Visit our products page: tera’swhey Organic Whey Protein.



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